Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority: What’s More Important?

Authority is a qualitative measure of any web page that significantly affects the ranking and visibility in the search engines.

Authority is a critical focus for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most common SEO tactics such as link building and informative content producing are done with the purpose of increasing authority.

There are different types of Authorities. Page Authority and Domain Authority.



Page Authority

There are a number of different measures for authority, both direct and indirect. One of the best examples is Google’s PageRank Algorithm. PageRank Algorithm is designed to measure the quality and authority of a specific web page based on the number, quality, and relevance of the links pointing to it.

Page Authority Strategies

These are some of the strategies you can follow to influence your page authority.

  • Create a page on a domain with high authority.
  • Ensure that your page content is highly detailed, relevant, and original.
  • Make sure your page is fully functional and optimized for search engines.
  • Include internal linking to and from the page.
  • Earn high-quality inbound links in terms of both external source and link relevance.
  • Remove any bad links that are pointing to your site.

Domain Authority

Moz created a number of different qualitative measures for authority. They’re the ones who brought Domain Authority. Domain Authority refers to the overall authoritative strength of an entire web domain. Most SEO Experts use Domain Authority to build quality Inbound Links.

Domain Authority Strategies

These are some of the strategies you can use to increase your Domain Authority. It’s impossible to increase Domain Authority of any domain directly or suddenly.

  • Create lots of high-quality content on your website with internal linking.
  • Earn lots of high-quality inbound links from external sources having good authority and link relevance.
  • Remove bad links pointing to your domain.

Give yourself time; your domain authority will increase slowly.

Both the Domain Authority and Page Authority are equally important for getting better ranking on search engines.


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