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How Do I Share Tweets From Twitter to Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Tweets are often being text and Instagram is a much more image-focused social network. But you can share Tweets to Instagram and other social networks by using some third party web applications and mobile apps. 

Do you like to share funny images and memes with your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn audience for more engagement?

Do you ever notice posts from famous social media influencers? Most of them are using tweets for videos and memes. These posts consistently get a lot of engagement and definitely play to social media algorithms.

Twitter to Instagram

Why Twitter to other Social Platforms?

Twitter is a good source for both humor and Industry based news.

Sometimes great quotes are shared on Twitter. You can share the tweet with Instagram.

One note before you start sharing other people’s tweets to your social accounts: Grabbing other people’s tweets and posting them to your social networks can get you into copyright issues.

How to Convert a Tweet to Image and Video?

Screenshots are Dead. You can use these tools to share anyone’s tweets to your social networks without any copyright issues. Most of them are free to use.

1. Squawk (Highly Recommended)

Stop screenshotting Tweets! Use Squawk to turn them into videos for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

 Twitter to Instagram

For Content Creators and Aggregators

Video is Better. Period.

Get 35% More Engagement

Videos get 35% more views and engagement on Facebook and Instagram compared to images.

For Twitter Users

Grow Your Profile.

The 12x Effect

Someone is 12x more likely to follow you on Twitter if they already follow you on another social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn). Share your tweets on other platforms to drive traffic + new followers to your Twitter account.

Make Your Content Go Further

Start a “ThrowbackTweet” campaign and make the most of your best Tweets by sharing them again in a different format.

Note: You should pay for removing their watermark form images and videos.

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2. Twiger

Twiger is a mobile application that allows you to share tweets natively. 

Twitter to Instagram-Twiger

Quick and Simple

You can share tweets directly from Twitter through the iOS/Android contextual share menu.

Without Screenshots

With Twiger you don’t have to store any image in your device. Say goodbye to cleaning your gallery of screenshots.

Try Twiger


3. Twinsta

Twinsta to create clean screenshots of your tweets. Perfect for sharing on social media! 

Tweets on Instagram

Note: You must sign with your twitter account for using Twinsta.

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4. Tuigram

Sharing tweets on Instagram has never been so easy! Convert tweets to Instagram posts or stories quickly and free without taking screenshots.

  • No screenshots
  • Without ads
  • Without Logging In
  • Free

Android and iOS applications are available for Tuigram.

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